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Design T-Shirts



We love screen printing at Waddy’s Tees! It’s one of the industry’s oldest forms of printing, going back over 100 years. It’s a beautiful, accurate, and vibrant way to place art and design on your choice of clothing or accessory. With the use of Plastisol Inks, we are able to take your single or multi-color image and make it come to life on the garments you select. Our prints can withstand countless washes and will last for a long time.



Waddy’s Tees uses Direct to Garment Digital printing (DTG), which is the latest in digital print technology. While screen-printing is wonderful, it does require separations, films, and screens. If you’re looking for a different style of printing, DTG might be for you! When your design or artwork have been completed and are in digital format on the computer, it’s ready to go directly onto the pieces of clothing or accessories you wish to print on. Quick, direct, and very efficient.


Direct to Garment Digital is ideal for those looking to print one or a small amount of t-shirts. It can be a great way to test a design before printing a larger run with screenprinting. You can print your own design, or have our graphic designers help you with your ideas.

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Screenprinting t-shirts is an excellent way to outfit your sports team, employees, a group tour, or a family members for a reunion. It's also perfect for printing your designs if you have an event or catchy idea you'd like to see on a t-shirt. Provide your own artwork, or our design team can work with you to create a custom layout.

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