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Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the early methods of printing and dates back more than 100 years ago. It involves the passing of ink or any other printing medium through a mesh or ‘screen’ that has been stretched on a frame, and to which a stencil has been applied. The stencil openings determine the image that will be imprinted.

With the use of Plastisol Inks, we are able to take your single or multi-color image and make it come to life on the garmets you select. Our prints can withstand countless washes, and will last for a long time.


Custom Embroidary

Embroidery is the art of decorating garments, fabric, or textiles with designs stitched in thread or yarn using a needle. Other materials such as beads, sequins, pearls, or quills may also be used to create designs. This is done by hand, sewing machine, or computerized embroidery machine.

As with many professions, anyone can buy an embroidery machine and set up shop with very little money. Unfortunately, embroidery is much more of an art than a science. Therefore, it takes a lot more than machinery and software to do a quality embroidery job.

The most important part of any embroidery job begins with the designer. Waddy’s Tees takes your logo or design and convert it into a series of stitches that will be stitched on a garment. Many software programs make this job easier, but there is no software program that can reproduce the talent of a good designer. Know that when you purchase from Waddy’s Tees, we are committed to giving you the quality and craftsmenship of good design.


Digital Printing

The newest and most exciting way to imprint garments is Direct to Garment Digital printing or DTG. DTG digital garment printing involves the use of a highly modified inkjet printer with specially formulated garment inks which are heat set with a heat press or tunnel dryer. Unlike screen-printing, DTG output does not require separations, films and screens. Once your artwork is ready on the computer it is output directly onto the garment.


Promotional Products

Waddy’s Tees is your one stop for promotional products. If you are a company, organization, church, family reunion, etc. looking for an exciting way to get their name and logo out to the public, then Promotional Products are a proven way to do just that. We can put name or logo on mugs, cups, and much more. Just stop in today to find out more.